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102 2BR, 1.5 bath 1010 sq. ft., 90 ext. sq. ft.  [sold]
103 1BR, 1 bath 715 sq. ft., 80 ext. sq. ft. [sold]
104 1BR, 1 bath, 732 sq. ft., 90 ext. sq. ft. [sold]
105 1BR, 2 bath, 1047 sq. ft., 205 ext. sq. ft. [sold]
106 2 BR, 2 bath, 988 sq. ft., 90 ext. sq. ft. [sold]
107 2 BR, den, 3 bath, 1336 sq. ft., 170  ext. sq. ft. [sold]
108 2 BR, 2 bath, 1117 sq. ft., 90 ext. sq. ft. [sold]

All dimensions are approximate, developer reserves the right to modify any unit and change its dimensions, or interior, or exterior, or its configuration at any time before a contract is executed for that unit. The illustrations and photography are artists paintings or models, and may vary in detail from the actual plans and specifications.